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Payment methods

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods:

PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card

1. If you have PayPal account, then choose the PayPal to complete the payment directly.


Pay with Credit or Debit Card

1, If you want to pay with Credit or Debit Card, please follow below pictures and click the bottom button:

click the bottom button

2, Then choose the bank country:

choose bank country

3, Fill in the form below, and you can use it to complete the payment:

fill in the form


Do you want to use this Credit or Debit Card to create a paypal account? According to your needs, choose yes or no.

Please don’t use “e-check” payment, this payment states is “uncleared”, this shows we don’t receive your payment now, we can’t arrange the shipment for you. 

We will check our PayPal account, when we confirm to receive the payment, we will arrange the shipment. Orders are subject to verification and acceptance prior to shipping.