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About us

About us

  We have been aiming at providing our customers with all kinds of latest electric skateboards since ANZO was founded. We have gone through six years of development from 2016, so it is clearly for us to know that in addition to providing customers with high quality and affordable electric skateboards, we should pay more attention to customer service. Committed to improving the satisfaction and trust of our customers. It is the foundation of our company.

When we design high-quality electric skateboard, we will consider the comfort and safety of our electric skateboards. We always believe that only people who hava deep love for skateboarding can make good electric skateboards. Therefore, when making elecreic skateboards, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey, and the customer will give us some  modification opinions and suggestions. Only from the customer's point of view, we can offer our customer the best and satisfied electric skateboards.

   We’ve used the very best materials in the making of our electric skateboards, which is why you can count on robust combinations of wood, bamboo and fiberglass materials that has been proven to be durable and long-lasting for all riders. Our electric skateboard is approved with CE, FC, MSDS and ROHS. 

    Whether for beginners or long-time skateboarders - we have the right electric skateboards for you. Especially for beginners, we find it important to offer suitable electric skateboards that are stable in processing and have an optimal value-performance ratio.